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The HMGW Show Replays broadcasted on Two Rivers Radio  

Two Rivers Radio is a brand new  radio station based in York which will broadcast every Monday from 12:00 midday  till 23:00.

HMGW have a monthly  broadcast where we will feature interviews, live and independent music and news.

The HMGW Upcoming Show
To hear the show replay click on the corresponding button, it will then direct you to an individual page. This page has the artwork, show links  and audio.
The audio track has been split into two parts; Part ONE which is LIVE MUSIC
CLICK on the PLAY button to LISTEN
Harrison Rimmer and Boris Koslov
Charlie Swainston and David Graves
To Tune in  LIVE click on the speaker, then press the play button
Ash (TrashT' ones) and Danny  O'Doherty
Pre recorded
Christmas Special
1 jan.png
Jimbo Doomface and Dom Black
Kell Chambers and Alan Kay
Small Screen and Dave Stewart
Click on the image to take you to 2 Rivers Radio Facebook Page
The buttons below are slightly different as you need to click on The HMGW Show image to play the track. It will then take you to Two Rivers Radio Mix Cloud and play it as one track
Photo Gallery
Tom Busfield/ 
and The Lion Kings
Tom X/ Sean Only
and Cowboy John
Sore Thumb Retro Games Interview
Van Der Neer/
Dom Black, Myles Kayman and Boris Koslov
 Pop Punk Kid Jake .
 Natalie Sykes and David Graves
One Chapter Down
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