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Blueskies- their year ahead!

January 30, 2018



Blueskies is a music project based in York which was founded in 2011 by Graham Blueskies with the aim to support upcoming musicians and offer them the opportunities to perform paid gigs to a wider audience. Since their official launch at 'The Winning Post' in York on February 5th 2011 there have been some turbulent times, but they are now back with bigger and better plans. This article will talk about the story behind how it all began and each of the projects which are currently underway and planned for 2018. These projects include the release of a single for charity, the return of the 2017 'Lendal's  Lounge- Originals Music Night and the introduction of a second venue on the same night with the event 'The Lion Croons Tonight'. Then in March the  fundraising event Safe And Sound Homes in aid of  Youth Homelessness and an appearance at the Staxtonbury Festival.



The Background

Graham the founder of Blueskies has always had a love for music. Throughout the 60's and mid  70's he listened to a lot of Radio 1 on his transistor radio. He describes Radio 1 as the  "king in my ears".  This included music by The Beatles, Bread, Free, The Who, The Move, Small faces , John Denver , The Strawbs,  ABBA , Status Quo, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind, Slade, Mud, The Sweet, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Edwin Starr, Marvin Gaye, Yazoo, Dépêche Mode, U2, Tears for Fears, The Police and a few others including Bowie, Bad Company, Barbara Dickson, Barbara Streisand, All about Eve, Gloria Estefan, Fleetwood Mac and many more. 


So where did the idea of Blueskies originate from? Well Graham answered " the truth is,  I don’t actually know it kind of emerged from a longer story which I’d need a week to explain".

So our understanding is that Grahams love for music in his younger years, the project he worked on with his  friend, the people he met, the gigs he attended and the desire to help people all led to Blueskies being created and launched in 2011. So we dug a little deeper and this is what we found out. Graham wanted to create a meaningful, sustainable music platform for struggling musicians and decided to combine his love for music from his youth with his new found objective and created 'Blueskies'. He began to attend  gigs where he met different  people including somebody from SASH. This made him realise the problems of Youth Homelessness and he found as he stayed out later at gigs the extent of homelessness in York. From listening to the news he noticed the struggle and gaps that children and young people fall through and wanted to give something back not only to support struggling musicians but to help tackle homelessness. This is when he set up a small fundraiser in a pub and York and then wrote a poem which has now emerged into the charity single 'My Street.


The Charity Singe 'My Street' and SASH 

It has taken Blue skies two years to release their charity single but what a great track it is. With the support of Jessica Penn who wrote and sang the tune and to Dr. Shakamoto's studio for an excellent recording it has been officially released. There have also been many other people who have been involved but have wished to stay anonymous.



It's lyrics are very touching about the struggles and tribulations of homelessness. The  lyrics express how people who are homeless may feel but still selflessly battle on, on a daily basis.


Why do we often focus on the 'evils' such as acts of violence and assume that these are the causes of homelessness? As Graham says "A young person can become lost or lonely by accident, feel like they have no one to listen to without a judgement being made, feel misunderstood and an absence of 'love'. When all they want is that missing parent to give them a hug, reassure them that everything will be ok" How will it ever end if their not listened to and left to get to breaking point?  Will it ever change as the new generations go through the harsh realities of life? The answer is No, not if it is just ignored. Well this track is a great start to help raise money to help these young people and continue to help the charity SASH who do a fantastic job of helping to prevent Youth homelessness. To learn more about the charity click on the logo below and visit their webpage.

So lets help raise £5000 and download this track by visiting


or visit the crowd funding page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/graham-blueskies


Blueskies are holding the charity event 'Safer and Sound Homes' of live music at The Golden Lion on Sunday 4th March. There will be an assortment of acts from Yorkshire performing, the current line up is Joh Hendrix, Nathan O'Grady, KAYA, Tom Busfield ,Dr. Shakamoto's, Claire Shanahan, Stadium, Crush and the Mighty Rhythm ( CMR) 9Bar. The event co-ordinator for the day will be Maja Krystyna Morawska.


Lendal's Live Lounge -Originals Music Night and The Lion Croons Tonight

Love listening to live music  from local talented musicians in a pub atmosphere, then these two events are not to be missed. Blueskies continue to host their Lendals Live Lounge- Originals Music Night at the popular historical pub Lendal Cellars. However they decided why have one pub of live music when you can have two! They have now introduced another event which runs parallel to this one at a second venue called 'The Lion Croons Tonight' in The Golden Lion pub. The first of these events will be held on Wednesday 31st January and will see BlueSkies team up with ourselves HMGW, where Mark will be interviewing the legendary York musician Jimbo Doomface and Two Rivers Radio who will be recording and streaming the event live from Lendal Cellars. Tom McKensie will be hosting at Lendal Cellars which will start at 9pm and include the guests Steamtown Duo from Knaresborough. The Honours trio and Jimbo Doomface. The members of KAYA band will be hosting at ' The Golden Lion' where you will find Jimbo Doomface, Nathan O'Grady Kelly Chambers and Laura Ingram performing from 8:30pm.


Here are two taster videos of the musicians who will be hosting the two events. You will find Tom hosting at Lendal Cellars and Kaya at The Golden Lion.













The event pages can be found by clicking on the corresponding picture below, where you will find information  and links to some of the acts performing on the night.