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June 24, 2018

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Just who are England’s Maddest Wrestling Show?

June 19, 2018


Their name is Rise Underground Pro Wrestling!  Rise is an over 18’s Wrestling Promotion with some of the best British Talent. The action is up close and personal with crazy and innovative storylines which keep you on tender hooks and wanting more! It is certainly a one in a kind experience.

We have attended Rise Underground Wrestling Shows since July 2017 with our very first show being the weekend long 2017 Ascent Tournament held at First Directs tattoo exposition. Since then we have and never will miss another!

Here is our review of their last three shows, but links of past show reviews can be found at the bottom of the article. They will all just prove to you where ‘the maddest’ comes from in their title and why Rise describe itself as ‘not for the faint hearted’.

Point to the Sign & PPV After Party

Sunday 8th April at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The Brudenell is Rises answer to Maddison Square Garden, where you will find all their biggest events happening. The bar is reasonably priced and there is a van that has mouth-watering pizzas that even caters for vegans. It was a very eventful and action packed evening/early morning of 10 hours of wrestling. We not only had the live wrestling but the Wrestle Mania pay per view, emanating from New Orleans USA screening after the event. Rises popular master of ceremonies Johnny Santiago welcomed all of the early bird fans with his natural, charismatic, engaging personality and kicked off the night with a pre-show.


The Pre-Show

It all kicked off with Sean Only introducing Boy 2. The loud mouthed and disliked Boy 2 set an open challenge to anybody! He wasn't too impressed when the new, muscly, tattooed guy appeared called Mil Martinez who accepted his challenge. He got a great reception from the crowd. They put on a remarkable match and got the early bird fans pumped up for the night ahead. Our highlight of this match was when Martinez removed Boy 2’s top after a fight to keep it on and the fans chanting “vegan nipples” as Martinez gave him a nipple twister.


El Ligero Vs Saxon Huxley

This was the battle of the already WWE UK star Saxon Huxley against the recently signed WWE UK star Ligero. This could very easily have been placed as the main event of the evening. Both men are equally talented, Saxon possess great strength and technical prowess as well as mystic fists. El Ligero is loved throughout our green and pleasant land and is renowned as being one of the hardest working men in professional wrestling. He combines speed, aerial assaults and accurate kicks amongst many other skills that make him the fantastic wrestler he is. Both men put in a show that truly embodied British Wrestling. However any wrestler can make a mistake and misjudge a move, like landing a moonsault on top of the videographer and knocking it out their hands. This added to the intensity of the match and no doubt added to great footage. At the end of the match both gladiators of the squared circle shook hands in respect of one another, only for El Ligero to stab the Muscle Cat in the back.


Six Person Rise Championship, Number One Contender, Elimination Match

This match was Rises version of an elimination chamber match which featured 6 participants. The rules were; two wrestlers to start then every minute or 3 (can’t remember) a new participant enters. Once all six participants were in the ring the rules of the match would change every minute or 2 (can’t remember this either!) The rule changes were…? (Guess what we also don’t remember this!) But what we do remember is that it was a fun match from start to finish and the 1st two wrestlers were Gene Munny and Amir Jordan who both received the admiration of the crowd and proceeded to put on what can only be described as an old school exhibition match, with fancy schmancy flippy bits. It soon got down to business with the injection of the Voodoo Queen (who kicked ass just as well as the lads from start to finish) and Danny Darko. The real fun element of the match, came when the Pork from York Dom Black made his ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ entrance sporting a dicky bow tie and carrying flowers. He tossed his flowers off into the audience whilst getting frisky with his dance moves with every man and woman between him and the ring. There was a moment of dajarvu as Dom climbed the turnbuckle to enter the ring. At Rise Rumble he did the same, when he went for a splash on Amir and failed miserably! This time HE PULLED IT OFF! The next and last to enter the ring was Michael Caden but Kid Lux attacked him from behind and took his place. Once all six were in, the fun really started. Everyone ganged up on Dom delivering finishers, we had a triple person submission attempted and weapons were introduced to! The winner was Gene Munny who won a chance for the title at the next event.


David Graves

The music hit and David Graves appeared with something to say. He explained to us about the injury he had sustained during a different promotion. Whilst he addressed his fans he received some flowers from one of the fans which had been thrown into the crowd by Dom Black in the previous match. There were a few petals missing though as Kid Lux took a nibble on them. David seemed really down and explained in detail everything about his injury and said that this might be it for him. But he then soon jumped around said “hell no this is not it, I will be out for 6 months a year tops and when I am back I'm going to be bigger better and stronger than ever”. The crowd went wild and gave him their full support.


BA Rose Vs Boy 1

For the second time in a Rise wrestling ring we had ‘The Manhunter’ BA Rose who was originally brought in by Sean Only to teach his ‘Boy’ number 1 a lesson. Boy 1 seems to grow in popularity every time he laces a pair of boots up no matter where he wrestles. This match was a show stealer BA Rose persisted on beating Boy 1 into the canvas, however the Boy did not give up and found innovative ways to manoeuvre around the ring and even get some of his signature superboy punches in. We would highly recommend watching this match which is available on the Rise Patreon page.


England’s Hardest Men Vs The Brothers of Rage Vs The Lion Kings

This Triple Threat Match was set up at the previous show after England's Hardest Men took on the Brothers of Rage. The Lion King's arrived after the match and started pointing around the venue to signify they wanted a triple threat match at Point to the Sign. This was set and this was the result! The baby faced tag teams England's Hardest Men and The Lion Kings received volumes of admiration from the crowd, but the Brothers of Rage cocky and arrogant demeanour didn’t go down as well.  But do not let this take anything away from the Rage brothers as their work ethic and tag team skills are on par with the other teams. Benjii Rage and Joe Rage are big and little brother, we will let you decide which one is which.  They use their physiques to their advantage, by using each other as weapons, by one of them throwing the other one around the ring. They have a great combination of speed and power. England's Hardest Men are the combination of the body builder Shreddybrek who brings the power and Luke Nixon who brings the pain through his kickboxing and boxing influenced style. The Lion Kings are the combination of Sebb Strife and The Ugandan Warrior Nsereko who are versatile in every way and add humour to every match. They add intelligence, intensity and velocity to the ring. All the strong points that these three teams possess, created one outstanding Triple Threat Match that spilt throughout the Brudenell. The match concluded with the appearance of Rory Coyle creating a distraction. What will become of this?


Little Joe Vs Danny O’Doherty

This match was to determine who would become the referee for the main event Deathmatch between Big Joe and current Rise champion Dr Leonardo Darwin. Little Joe is known as Darwin's illegitimate bas**rd son due to some time travelling antics. The whole of the Brudenell showed their fondness towards the bas**rd by chanting “w****r” in a hat due to him wearing a hat. Danny O'Doherty his opponent on the other hand received full appreciation from the crowd whist supping on a tinny. Danny stamped on the little ba**ards fingers and took the upper hand at the beginning of the match, however this was turned around once Joe got his hands on a tinny, took a sip and spat it in Danny's face causing distraction. This led Joe to become the referee for the evening’s main event and placed the cards heavily in the Darwin s families favour.


Russian Chain Match