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Tidal Wrestling, Addicted To Bad Ideas Review

Event image by Dave Lewis Creative, taken from the Tidal Facebook Page,

The following article is a review of the Tidal show, Addicted To Bad Ideas which was held at the Temple of Boom on Wednesday the 15th August. As always, our reviews are as spoiler-free as possible.

Tidal is a Leeds based wrestling promotion which has recently moved location to the popular Temple of Boom. We have always enjoyed going to there shows, but due to work commitments have unfortunately missed the last three, so it was good to be back. The card was stacked high with an abundance of talent but there was one particular match that stood out for us, CrashBoat Vs The Lion Kings. There was a great turn out of fans for their first weekday show and everybody was in high spirits. Tidal are renowned for bringing some of the world's best independent talent to go one on one with a regular roster, some of the previous match up gems included Aussie Open Vs The Lion Kings, David Graves Vs Joey Janela and Dave Mastiff Vs HT Drake. Tonight was no exception as they brought in Sugar Dunkerton to face HT Drake for the Title Belt.

Throughout the review, underlined names/ words, will take you to a webpage. All wrestlers are linked to their Twitter Page.


The Matches

Match 1:

BA Rose Vs Kroos

BA Rose is known for his large powerful frame and brute strength, yet when his opponent Kroos emerged through the door and stood toe to toe with BA, taller in stature and larger in size we knew we were in for a treat. Both men slammed each other around the ring and sent shockwaves throughout the venue. Some classic big lads wrestling and a strong opening match. BA attempted to knock Kroos off his feet, but his size was a problem so BA had to take a more aerial approach.

Match 2;

It was extremely enjoyable to see the fans get behind Only. Diablo soon shrugged off negative chants from the crowd about his lack of hair on his head, and his head being upside down with quick wit. The match commenced with Diablo challenging Only to run at him and knock him down. Throughout the match Diablo targeted Only's back, whereas Only predominately used a striking offensive with maximum impact. Would love to see these gladiators go at it one more time.

Match 3;

A rematch from 2017 but this time with the Tidal Championship on the line. CrashBoat, The Pop Punk Kid and Jack Bandicoot challenged the Ugandan Warrior and Sebb Strife, The Lion Kings. We have previously described both these teams as amongst some of the best tag teams that Britain has to offer. They certainly stayed true to this, with their impeccable teamwork, strength, agility and their excellent ring awareness, which complimented each other’s style resulting in a jaw dropping match. The fans equally got behind both teams, popping in admiration.

Match 4:

It was dubbed the first half main event, between the Mexican Sensation and all round work horse/bull El Ligero versus Gabriel Kidd, a WWE Vs WOS match . Ligero received deep admiration from the Leeds crowd. On Gabriel Kidds entrance Ligero got the crowd behind himself by raising his hands for cheers and then giving his middle finger to Gabriel to encourage boos. Ligero displayed his quick speed and fast tempo with lightning kicks against Gabriel's more brutish power style, which made for a thoroughly entertaining match up.

Match 5:

This saw the defending of the Open Championship between the current champion Brady Phillips Vs Amir Jordan. Prior to the match commencing Phillips and Amir challenged any other wrestlers present within the Temple of Boom to come and have a go if they think your tough enough. This challenge was accepted by the young schools out for summer student Joe Nelson, who after a couple of arm drags later left Brady and Amir flabbergasted as he returned to his seat to sit back and watch. The match then truly commenced as expected with both gifted wrestlers displaying their talent. If you had blinked you would have missed this match, it was like watching the flash go one on one with Quicksilver. After the match both guys par took in a Bhangra dance, before inviting Joe Nelson back into the ring to join in then Cowboy John had dabble to.

Match 6:

The debut of Queen of the Monsters Ivy Vs Little Miss Roxxy Vs the Current Number One Contender Rhio. Ivy entered first with her bat in her mouth (baseball one, not the Ozzy Osbourne one!) to intimidate the referee and her opponents. She is always great at getting the hackles up of the fans. Rhio the braided bruiser displayed power and strength as Little Miss Roxxy the fan favourite used her flexible , agile and innovative style. All three ladies did women's British wrestling proud. Roxxy started with great momentum however Ivy and Rhio ganged up on her, they took pleasure in using her as a bowling ball to knock down chairs. But let's just say a few mistakes were made and I don't think they will be teaming up again.

Main Event ;

For the TCW Championship.

All the way from America and past Impact Wrestling star was the flamboyant Sugar Dunkerton who challenged HT Drake for the TCW Championship. To say Sugars entrance was entertaining is a definite understatement, he showed swag all the way to the ring, even dancing with a plant, but once his music stopped the fans created their own which lasted for well over 10 minutes, where he continued to dance! The no nonsense, no frills Gimmick Killer was not so impressed (however we spotted there was a hint of a smirk on his mush.) Once the match properly got started it was a feast for any true wrestling fans eyes, Sugar kept his flamboyant style up throughout the match yet still proved an impressive in ring ability. HT Drake is always to the point with his style, light on his feet, but strong. He can smack the silly out of anyone. The action spilt outside the ring as both warriors pulled up chairs and proceeded to hit each other in the face. It concluded with shock, fun and emotions running high. If you want to know why then you will have to read the spoilers below.


Overall it was a great show which the promoters should be very proud of. The match ups were all solid, with a great balance of serious and fun moments.

Keep up-to-date with Tidal by visiting their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The next show will be 'Flabbergasted' held on Wednesday 19th September at Temple Of Boom. Tickets can be purchased on the website as well as DVDs and other merchandise.They also have a fantastic Tidal on-demand service where you can watch all their back catalogue for a very reasonable price.


Don't want the spoilers then CLICK HERE to go back to the top of the article



Match 1; Throughout the BA vs Kroos match Rhio made an appearance at ringside what did she want? Kroos picked up the victory, and both men shook hands at the end.

Match 2: Sean Only lost to Dara Diablo, via a low blow. Hopefully we will see these two have a rematch soon down the line. Sean threatened Diablo that when they meet again Tidal will need a stretcher to carry him off.

Match 3; Lion Kings remained champions after a beauty of a tag team match. It would be great to see these two teams go at it again but maybe in some form of special match, hard-core, table, ladder maybe?

Match 4: El Ligero picked up the win, Gabriel offered his hand as a distraction to take a low blow instead, but failed miserably.

Match 5: Brady maintained his TCW Open Championship with a pin fall.

Match 6: Rhio picked up the victory over Ivy and Little Miss Roxxy, keeping her as a dominant Number One Contender to the women's title for when Mia Yim returns.

Main Event:: The conclusion of the main event match saw the crowning of a brand new title Heavyweight Champion to the astonishment of the fans and Sugar himself. He gave a heart warming speech about his acceptance and support from the UK fans and even got the approval from HT Drake which drove him to perform a brilliant spinaroonie. As we know Amir Jordan can't miss an opportunity to dance, so he entered the ring to join in, then started a conga line which was then joined by some of the wrestling fans around the building, resulting in a very fun and exciting conclusion to the match and evening.


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