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HMGW Reviews; A New Era for True Grit Wrestling

September 22, 2019

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The Great British Wrestler - Ragnar

September 3, 2018

Who is Ragnar?

Ragnar hails from Newcastle and is 5"10" and 210lb of power. He possesses all that famously renowned Geordie charm. He is quick witted, sometimes sharp tonged and has a twinkle in his eye. He is strong in the arm and smart in the head with a brawler and technical style. He is sometimes cheered ,sometimes booed but he should never be underestimated. This hard hitting Geordie will Clothesline and destroy his opponents into next week.


Ragnar started his wrestling career in 2013 at Full Tilt Wrestling Academy and soon progressed to having his debut show later that year. He has been trained by Shaun Avery, Jed Masters and Kristopher Davies of FTW Academy as well as attending a variety of different seminars. He has actively wrestled for 6 years for many promotions including Leeds Pro Wrestling, Full Tilt Wrestling ,Target Wrestling, Worldwide Wrestling League (W3L), Main Event Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Hybrid Pro Wrestling, Rad: Pro Wrestling, Entertainment Pro Wrestling, Upbrawl Championship Wrestling, Northern Championship Wrestling, Shield Pro Wrestling, Maximum Pro Wrestling. He is currently part of the main storyline within the promotion Rise Underground Pro Wrestling where he  is Daniel O'Doherty's personal enforcer in the Rise faction S.O.B.E.R. 

This  video has been created by HMGW using a range of photos sent by Ragnar and the audio track Surmise by the artist Rum Thief.For more information on Rum Thief, take a look at their Facebook page; www.facebook.com/pg/RumThief

Interview with Ragnar

We caught up with this Geordie power house to find out more about his career, views on wrestling, taste in music and choices of gaming.


Prior to becoming a wrestler what were your wrestling inspirations?

I didn't have any. I didn't even know it was a thing I could do in this country.


When did you first get a taste for wrestling?

When I sold my car to Big Kris who ran Ftw. We were talking and he came up with the idea of me being a plant in the crowd at one of their shows, I went to training to learn to bump etc for the idea, and it went from there.

What wrestler did you particularly enjoy watching when growing up?

Owen Hart, Kerry Von Erich, Bret Hart.


What are 3 of of your all time matches that you have watched?

I don't know. I watch them, then don't really think about it again.


Can you describe who Ragnar is within the squared circle?

Two words. Fucking legit.


What are some of your chosen moves for vanquishing your opponents?

- Ragnarok, which is a fireman's carry into a sit out side slam

- Jaegerbomb, a modified blue thunder bomb,

- The box cutter


What titles held or accolades have you held in wrestling?

Currently, MPW Three Rivers Champion

Previously FTW Hardcore Champ and FTW Tag Champ with Domonic Davenport


You recently joined the faction S.O.B.E.R in Rise Underground. What is S.O.B.E.R all about and what is your role in the faction?

Well the clues in the name isn't it? I'm there to watch Danny's back.


What wrestlers on the British independent scene apart from yourself should people look out for?

Joseph Biggs and Conor Renshaw are doing wonderful things.


What promotions do you recommend people go to?

All of them. As many as possible.


All wrestling is fantastic but in your opinion why should people go to and support British independent wrestling?

Because why wouldn't you?


Can you choose three videos of yourself  in action and tell us why you picked them?

1 . Vs Victor Von Voltz at MPW

It's just because the way the crowd came up at the end when I won. It was a great reaction.


2. Vs Jed Masters at EPW.

This was VERY early on in my career, and Jed has been there helping me every step of the way. I learnt a lot from the match, what to do, when to do it, but more importantly, I learnt what NOT to do as well.

3. Rise Underground Wrestling Debut

My debut as part of the S.O.B.E.R Faction. I've never felt so much hatred from a crowd. It was my first 18+ show and fuck me, what an experience!