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June 24, 2018

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September 22, 2019

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18+ Thursday Night of Wrestling at Rise SlamDown!

September 12, 2018

There was no better feeling than growing up and spending my teens in the late 90s watching that wrestling show emanating from America on a Thursday night! It was full of attitude and great story telling.


Well! This past Thursday 9th September, the attitude was there but intensified by England’s Maddest Wrestling Show ✊Rise Underground Pro Wrestling✊. Rise presented Slam Down from Sheaf Street, Leeds. It is by far the best over 18s wrestling promotion in the UK right now!

Video images taken from the Rise Underground Pro Wrestling Facebook page 


Throughout the review, underlined names/words will take you to a webpage. All wrestlers are linked to their Twitter Page.

The Venue

Sheaf St is one of Rises newest venues and has a really swanky feel. When entering the warehouse part of the venue, we were greeted by a professional layout with great lighting,  a projection of the events graphic on the wall and the stunning brand new ring canvas (which had been funded by the fans in a Just Giving Campaign) full of balloons and party blowers.

Throughout the show the projectors displayed a cool graphic for each wrestlers match.


Opening Segment

We were all greeted with a warm welcome by Mr Jonny Santiago who entered full of energy and got the fans hyped ready for a fun filled night of wrestling. But he was soon cut short by S.O.B.E.R manager Daniel O’Doherty and members Cindy, B.A Rose, Sean Only and HT Drake. O’Doherty got on the microphone and announced it was young Myles Kayman’s 18th birthday. He called him out to join the party but not before insulting the Rise Faithful as much as possible and reminding us that he got rid of Boris Koslov at the last show. Then out popped Myles with his freshly cow-licked overly styled hair and a smile like a Cheshire cat. Danny had plans to make Myles 18th Birthday one to remember, he set up and arranged chairs in the ring and arranged a game of musical chairs with his fellow S.O.B.E.R members. Daniel O'Doherty was the judge. All of the members were very competitive and poor Myles was eliminated 2nd (Poor lad can't even win a game of musical chairs on his birthday). The game continued until Sean Only and HT Drake were left, but the party was interrupted by General Managers for the night England’s Hardest Men ShreddyBrek and Big Lou Nixon accompanied by their Uncle Ralph who gate crashed the game. England’s Hardest Men didn’t do too well and were eliminated straightaway leaving just Sean Only and Uncle Ralph. Sean Only was the final winner but only because he cheated. This set up the first match of the night as General Managers England’s Hardest Men set up a Group A Tag Team Match between themselves Vs Sean Only and HT Drake.

The referees throughout the night were Chris Sharpe and Cowboy John Parker, Both referees were fantastic.


Match 1

An impromptu Group A Tag Team Match between England’s Hardest Men (ShreddyBrek and Big Lou Nixon) and S.O.B.E.R members Sean Only and HT Drake.

SOBER isolated Big Lou in their corner throughout a lot of the match but he used his martial arts background to retaliate. Sean Only delivered many painful strikes as HT Drake not to gimmicky just solid wrestling with a cheating underminer. As you guessed it, Shreddy’s strong frame made for some good slamming as well as a nice hot tag. There was interference from Benjii Rage.



Then the big bad ginger nut Danny Hudson made his way to the ring and took to the microphone. He started to degrade and ridicule everyone favourite ‘Grafter, David Graves. David who was injured at the hands of Hudson has been Rise’s sound engineer ever since. You could see in Dave's eyes that all he wanted to do was knock the ginger out of Hudson! But there will be a time and place for that once David is fit and healthy. The fans were not impressed with Hudson’s antics and chanted “You’re just a pound land, Sheamus”. It was then to the fans delight that he was interrupted by new comer Craig West. Now we had our second match.



Match 2

Danny Hudson Vs Craig West

Craig was fast on his feet and gave the hard hitting Hudson a good scrap. Throughout the match Danny Hudson took every opportunity he could to stick his finger up at David Graves and rub salt into wound, fuelling this feud.


Match 3

A Woman's Championship Tournament match where the debuting Nightshade appeared to take on a mystery opponent. This opponent was soon revealed when the leader Danny of S.O.B