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Who is Danny Darko? #GBWOTW

Danny Darko is a professional wrestler based in Suffolk. He is known as a prominent member of the Rise roster and is their inaugural hard-core champion. Darko stands at 6"1 and is 240 lbs of hard man with an unorthodox hard hitting wrestling style. He can wrestle a whole match one handed whilst enjoying a refreshing bud light in the other. He is versatile, competing up and down the UK in both in family friendly shows as well as adult shows, where he will go to war and have some of the most jaw dropping death matches imaginable. Darko is always a trier. He is loving of life and full of charisma whether it be at an 18+ show or a family one. You will find yourselves rooting for Danny Darko who is always up for a fun time and thrives on the fans enjoying themselves.

This video has been created by HMGW using a range of photos sent by Danny Darko. Photo Credits to Brett King, Gary Ward, Jamie Spaul, Pretige and Tony Knox.

Danny Darko has agreed to answer a few questions about his career, wrestling in general and his taste in music and gaming.


Interview with Danny Darko

First prior to becoming a wrestler what were your wrestling inspirations? When did you first get a taste for wrestling and what wrestler did you enjoy watching as a young one?

My first wrestling memory is a vivid one, I remember renting the same tape from the local video store multiple times and my most vivid memory of said tape is Jake “the snake” Roberts making his Snake bite Randy Savage, moving on from that I was obsessed with STING from the first time I seen him on ITV.

Are there any stand out matches that you have watched and really liked?

Seen so much that I couldn't possibly pick a list of favourites but can make some recommendations

· Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan - Bash at the Beach 94

· Satoshi Kojima vs Toshiaki Kawada - Triple Crown Match

· Kenta Kobashi vs Samoa Joe - ROH

How long have you been wrestling? And where did you commence your wrestling journey and training?

I started training at the age of 17 at WAW academy in Norwich with the “Knight Family” and began wrestling shortly thereafter. I wrestled on their shows for approx. 4 years, then decided to take some time out. A little time turned into a decent amount of time and nearly 7 years later I decided to get back on the horse. After several shows with XWA I found a home at DOAwrestlinguk and soon enough found my way into RISEunderground

In your words who is Danny Darko in the ring?

Depends on the day of the week and part of the country but always super confident in his own ability and always trying to prove his worth sometimes to the point of being a jerk

What are some of your signature wrestling moves?

· Snap jabs with homerun right hand

· Sheer drop Fall away Slam

· Rolling belly to belly slam

· Dark Valley Driver

· Northern Lariat

What accolades have you held in wrestling?

· WAW Academy Champion

· ORW HardCore Champion

· RISE HardCore Champion

· DOA UK Heavyweight Champion

What are some of the promotions you have wrestled at?

· World Association of Wrestling - Norfolk

· XWA - Sudbury

· Kapow Wrestling - Horsham

· DOA:UK - Suffolk

· RISE:Underground - Leeds

What are some of your favourite matches of you career up to now?

· Darko vs Big Joe

HardCore Championship - RISE SlamDown

· Darko vs Ash Draven

Heavyweight Championship - DOA One Wild Night

· Darko vs Micheal Caden

Sambuca Street Fight - RISE

· Darko vs Brad Slayer

DOA Straight Outta Cambridge

You have had some amazing hard-core wars! What can you tell us about hard-core wrestling?

I feel the general opinion of hard-core wrestling is that it’s for “shitarses” but I can honestly say I've never had a hard-core match with anyone I feel is below par. In “normal wrestling” on the other hand I've wrestled many people who are shit lol

What is your most shocking hard-core moment?

Probably walking up and down the side of a motorway wrapped in bandages and 2 beach towels with blood still pouring down my leg as a car full of wrestlers sleep for an hour. That or 24 hours later some random nurse in A&E seeming totally uninterested then freaking out and getting blood fusions ready while asking me if she should call the police lol

What wrestlers on the British independent seen should people look out for?

· Michael Caden

More than just a blood and guts guy

· Ali OK

Great technical wrestler

· Big Joe

Again far more than just hard-core

· “Voodoo Queen” Amarah

One of the most underrated girls on the scene

· Nightshade - See above

What promotions show people go to?

· RISE: Underground

· DOA Wrestling UK

Pretty much give everyone a go.

All wrestling is fantastic but HMGW like to focus on British independent wrestling. Why should people support local and independent wrestling?

Wrestling fans and lapsed fans should go out and see local wrestling as the sheer quality of wrestling in the country is so impressive, you’re almost guaranteed to see a match that will impress you more than most of the stuff you see on TV.

Can you share with our readers 3 videos of you in action?

· Darko vs Warren Banks

DOA- full match- Click here to view the video.

· Darko vs Big Joe

RISE - highlight- Click here to view the video.

· Darko vs AliOK vs Danny Morocco

ORW - highlights -Click here to view the video.

Thanks for your time Danny Darko. Last thing what shows can we catch you at over the next upcoming months?

· Friday 15th February 2019,

ORW return with their event ORW: Beyond Redemption at Clacton on Sea.

· Saturday 16th February 2019,

· Saturday 23rd February 2019,

DOA Wrestling UK presents DOA: Go 4 Glory at Bramford Road Scout HQ Ipswich.


HMGW is the Hub of Music, Gaming and Wrestling and we also covers music and computer games.

What music do you like?

When it comes to music I rarely keep up with the modern scene anymore but I'm a big fan of real hip hop music and find myself listening to the same albums for years. Currently my phone is full of Wutang, Kanye West (first 4 albums), early Mac Miller, Aesop Rock, Sam Cooke etc.

What sort of computer games do you play when you get time?

Can’t get into multiplayer stuff so stick to single player games, I love stuff with more of a strategy element stuff like XCOM, but if not I'm more about the experience and less about the challenge so games like Fallout, Far Cry etc

What are your social handles?

Thank you for your time


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