We have all heard of the big wrestling companies WWE and TNA and probably watched them on the TV or maybe attended one of their shows. We know the names of the popular old and new wrestlers such as Bret the Hitman Heart,  John Cena and Seth Rollins. However there are so many other talented wrestlers out there in the UK who put on amazing shows around Britain almost daily. If you are a fan of wrestling or possibly not but want to see something different , get yourselves down to one of the following British Promotions events and witness it for yourselves. The atmosphere is fantastic and everyone are chatty and friendly, we haven't been to a bad one! We assure you, that you wont be disappointed. 

We have three sections, British Promotions, Wrestling Articles and Archived Articles;

  • British Promotions; This section has links to some  of the British Promotions Facebook pages where you can view their events,

  • Wrestling Articles; This section includes our Blog with a range of different articles including Why wrestling is NOT just for BOY'S

  • Archived articles you will find  buttons to our past posts  Great British Wrestler off the Week and shows which we have been to ourselves and reviewed.

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