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A Day out to The House of Pain

On Sunday 25th February we woke up, looked out of the window and the sun was shining bright. We decided to make the most of the lovely weather and jumped in the car to go for a drive. We had seen that the House of Pain Wrestling had a show on in Nottingham. It was the perfect location not to far from Sherwood Forest for a nice walk and some lunch. The doors opened at 3pm. The House of Pain Wrestling Promotion had great feedback from other people and that it was run by the legendary Stixx so it felt like a must see. This show was the last one of a whole weekend of wrestling for them. We love to attend new promotions and see new and talented wrestlers and this show did not disappoint.

On arrival to the venue we were welcomed with a great atmosphere, lots of families and obviously a lot of regular fans. The squared circle was enormous and the largest one in the country. There were classic wrestling intro tunes being played to get you in the mood e.g. Shield, John Cena and others. We found our seats, got some very well priced drinks and got ready for the show to start.

Throughout the show Stixx was the announcer. The show kicked off, introducing the first referee and then the first match;

The Matches

The matches were full of action from start to finish with comedy matches, skilled matches and deception. There were two referees throughout who were fantastic and excellent sports.

  • A tag team between BMX and The Brotherhood of Metal

BMX and The Brotherhood of Metal were both two very skilled tag teams who put on a great match with a very good vs bad vibe. It was a great start to the show.

  • A singles match for "One fall" - 'Malicious' Paul Malen vs Tommy Taylor

This match got the crowd chanting "Melon" to Pauls dismay and Tommy was happy to encourage them. Tommy displayed a fast paced and high flying style throughout the match. As the devious, deceptive Paul Malen used his bruiser style. Overall together they put on a great wrestling match and story (good vs evil) telling showcase.

  • A singles match for "One fall" - Bully Boy Carter vs BFD

This match was a clash of two brutes, where they both displayed their skills and talent against each other equally. We had seen Bully Boy before and were impressed with his skills and ability then, it was great to see him against a wrestler we hadn't seen before who wrestled on par with him, resulting in a stella match.

  • A tag team match -Joseph Starr and Zack Morris vs "The Absolute Legend" Danny Chase and Troy

These four competitors put on a great match. Danny Chase entered and took to the mic announcing that he hadn't wrestled at the venue for a while. He teamed up with Troy and certainly came back to make an impact. Joseph and Zack certainly gave them a challenge. The match kept us gripped as their skill and determination was displayed throughout.

  • A singles match for "One Fall" Disco Dan vs Tristan Wheeler

Disco Dan's and Tristan's was a comedy match with fun gimmicks and lots of laughter. From Tristan arriving in his lycra, bike helmet, with his bell and lights to Disco Dan's cheesy dance moves and lets just say an interesting worm!

  • The Main Event between The Current House of Pain Full Throttle Champion Ritmo vs "Loudmouth" Davey Thompson

Ritmo and Davey but on an absolutely action packed match with lots of in and out of the ring action. Some moments that really stood out for us were when Ritmo put Davey on a chair and leapt off the ring onto him within inches of the fans. Then utilising a young child's feet as a weapon which got a great pop by the audience and poor Davey been hung up to dry. Don't get us wrong Davey gave as much as he got, resulting in a great final match of the show.

Throughout the show there was an obvious rivalry set up between Paul and Davey against Ritmo and Tommy as there had been interference within each of their singles matches. This rivalry built up the conclusion of the show as Paul Malen challenged Ritmo and Tommy to a tag team match at the next show.

Paul Malen and Davey Thomson Vs Ritmo and Tommy Taylor

Here are a few action shot photos which we took.

Overall it was an absolutely fantastic show and a great day out filled with fun for all ages. We had only seen Paul Malen, Bully Boy Carter and Danny Chase wrestle from this card and we knew they were top class. It was great to see such a wide range of new and talented wrestlers joining them.

We will look forward to attending the next one. If you are from Nottinghamshire it is definite a must see promotion who put on weekly shows . Click here to visit their Facebook page for more details and information.

The next show at this venue {Calverton Working Men's Club, Nottingham) is on March 25th from 2:30 PM 5:30pm.. Click here for more information


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