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The UK Pitbulls Big Dave and Bulk #gbwotw

Who are the UK Pitbulls?

The legendary UK Pitbulls consist of the brothers Big Dave and Bulk. They stand at 6ft 2 (Dave) and 6ft (Bulk) with a combined weight of a whopping 884 lbs. They are regarded as England's most dominant tag team and have won championship gold not only over the UK but around the world and have accumulated over 20 tag team championship titles. They have wrestled in 12 different countries including the United States, Austria, Belgium and even a three week tour of the French colony La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The Brothers emanate from Sheringham in Norfolk and began their wrestling career back in 1997, when they were initially trained by WAW the Legendary Night family. Their name UK Pitbulls is a tribute to the British Bulldogs, the brothers were asked to call themselves by the same name on a holiday camp but out of respect declined and came up with the name UK Pitbulls.

Bulk and Dave have been involved in the training side of wrestling, and in 2004 opened their own professional wrestling and powerlifting gym called 'The Pitbull Powerhouse' based in Cromer Norfolk. At the same time they also opened their own wrestling promotion (DAM Promotions) which was based around the Norfolk area to. Both closed their doors in 2008.

The Pitbull's have also had tremendous success outside of the squared circle, appearing in movies such as the independent film Slumber Party, and Bulk was in Danny Dyer's movie Malice in Wonderland. They have also appeared on Tv shows such as; Trisha, Big Brother, Dirty Sanchez and Celebrity Wrestling.

Bulk is a drumming wizard, first learning to play at the age of 13. He's been in the bands Spot, Overboard and has also performed with the band The Pocket Godzillas. Currently he is in the bands Fat N Furious and Dynamite & Dinosaurs.

Dave is an accomplished strongman athlete. He competed in strongman competitions 10 years prior to entering the world of wrestling. From 1990 up until 2008 he had reached the Uk finals and gained 2nd place in 1995. In 1996 he was ranked number one in the UK and Europe. He is recognised as a legend of Britain's strongest Man and Uk's Strongest Man. Big Dave also coached strongman Richard Balmer Hudson for World's Strongest Man events. From 2000 Dave still competed in strongman competitions now and again. Unfortunately in 2008 whilst competing at a strongman event Dave's knee collapsed and forced him to retire from both professional Wrestling and Strongman competition.

At the time of the injury the UK Pitbull's were Premier Wrestling Federation's Tag Team Champions. Bulk wrestled as a singles competitor for 3 years. Bulk contemplated walking away for the wrestling industry but instead formed a new Tag Team with current Rise Hardcore Champion Big Joe. Bulk has also teamed up with past WWE and TNA star Hornswaggel and Lord Gidion Grey. Bulk appeared on 2014's TNA British boot camp 2 with Karn as the team. 'The Unnatural Disasters'. At last year's RISE event Blackout, Bulk made his debut arriving to the ring with the music Vindaloo and stink facing Boy 2. Ever since Bulk has been a part of the Rise roster and been involved in some magical moments of madness including his elimination at this year's Rise Rumble.

At this year's Rise Summer Sesh Big Dave made his return to professional wrestling after ten years away. Both himself and Bulk returned as a tag team in a Hard-core Championship match. This is a great example of never say never as with hard work injuries can be rehabilitated. Now the UK Pitbull’s are back as a Tag Team, they are ready to take on a new generation of teams around the country and show the UK once again why they are known as Britain’s most dominant Tag Team. To watch a clip of their return to Rise click here. To watch the full video of the Rise Summer Sesh Show plus much more sign up to their Patreon page by clicking here.

We got in touch with these legends to ask them a few questions on their career, wrestling in general and their taste in music and gaming.


Interview with The UK Pitbulls

Firstly what inspired you both to become professional wrestlers? Dave - From watching Wwf and seeing the big guys like the Warlord doing the huge power moves and looking so intimidating and impressive.

Bulk - Seeing larger than life guys like Scrubber Daly, Giant Haystacks and Earthquake doing stuff in the ring and thinking I could do that too

How would you describe the UK Pitbulls as a Tag Team and your in ring style? Dave -Our style is heavily influenced by old school teams from the 80s and 90s like the Road Warriors, Natural Disasters, Powers of Pain.

What are some of your signature moves? The shering-ham sandwich - double squash. Buffet buster - leg drop splash combination. Pitbull plunge double powerbomb. Double chokeslam.

Dave- Full Nelson slam

Bulk - Bulkarolla

There are several other legendary Tag Team siblings (e.g The Steiner Brothers and The Hardy Boys) What is it like being a Tag Team as brothers?

We find the timing and execution of moves and tags easier and better as we know each so well. Bulk, you have had several victims caught in the mightiest stinkface in professional wrestling. Who is you favourite victim and if you could choose any person in history to stinkface who would it be?

Well my favourite victim would actually be Rikishi, who took it like a champ when we worked him on an Italian tour. One person from history I'd like to stink face would be James Corden, hate him.

Dave, With you being out of in ring action for 10 years due to injury, What drove you to return? How did it feel lacing up your boots on your return and what pearls of wisdom would you give to other athletes who have sustained injuries and want to return to what they love doing?

When I was injured doing a strongman comp in 2008 I was initially told there was a possibility I would be in a wheelchair permanently. I slowly progressed to crutches and then a stick after a few years. I was determined to prove everyone wrong so started walking daily, changed my diet and got back in the gym and in ring training , after 18 months and losing 6 stones I got back to wrestling properly. It felt great, even better to team with my brother again. I would say to anyone who is injured to just not give up on your dreams no matter how hard and long it takes. You guys have travelled the world wrestling. What are some of the highlights of your career and some of your favourite matches?

Working guys we grew up watching like Earthquake, Hacksaw, Jake Roberts, and working guys before they hit it big such as Stu Bennet, Daniel Bryan and Shemus. What title rein was the most special?

Gotta be our first ever one Below is a match of you guys in action vs The Essex Boys. Can you tell us abit about the match?

Er tbh I'd forgotten about the match until I saw it again Shame Lloyd Ryan was in it tho.

What upcoming events can we find you on?

· Friday Oct 12th Ellesmere Port Civic Hall (EPW American Wrestling). More information can be found on this show by clicking here

· Saturday Oct 13th Gosport Thorngate Halls(SWF)

· Saturday Oct 20th Eastleigh Thornden hall(SWF)

To find out more about SWF wrestling events click here

· Saturday Nov 10th Holt Community Centre(FSW)

To Find out more about FSW click here

There's more but some we can't announce yet Apart from yourselves what other wrestlers should people look out for on the British scene?

Crusher Curtis, CW Davies and Patrick Vincent crown are all guys to look out for, oh and of course the Flatliner.


We at HMGW love all wrestling but our hearts is with the British independent scene. What would you say to someone reading this who mainly goes and watches the bigger promotions? Why should wrestling fans invest time in independent wrestling?

Cos Indy wrestling is where you will see the future stars and the guys no one else will book anymore lol Dave, we mentioned you competed as a strong man, what are some of your fondest memories of this?

I won several local competitions but qualifying in 95,96 and 97 for the U.K. finals and finished joint 2nd in 95 were definite highlights. Also briefly holding the farmers walk record for 120kg in each hand for 140m.

Bulk, you have been a musician since the age of 13. Currently you are in two bands called 'Fat n Furious' and 'Dynamite & Dinosaurs', what sort of musical genre would you say they are and what is one of your favourite songs?

Fat n furious are my busiest band, we play old school rockabilly with an in ya face edge to it. Dynamite & Dinosaurs play pop/punk originals, loads of fun to play.

Fat N Furious

Click here to visit their Facebook Page

Dynamite & Dinosaur -Skill

Click here to visit their Facebook Page

The song we used to create our photo video about you is your brand new entrance tune. Who made it? What is it called and where can people get hold of it? It's called pitBULLS on parade By Dynamite & Dinosaurs and will be released on Conchairto Records.

It can be downloaded on BANDCAMP or listened to on SPOTIFY (Underlined words are links) or ITunes

HMGW is the Hub of Music, Gaming and Wrestling. What computer games have you both enjoyed playing over the years? What are your top 5?

Dave- My favourite games are rpgs , so my top 5 in no order would be : All the Fallout games. Baldurs gate on pc The Suikoden series on PlayStation Bards tale on zx spectrum Final Fantasy 7 on PlayStation

Bulk - I'm a big retro gaming fan so, Wonderboy Golden axe Worms Goldeneye Wcw vs Now Revenge. When you're not busy wrestling what sort of music do you both like to chill to? Dave- I like pop punk, so bands like Bowling for Soup , Reel Big Fish , Less than Jake and other similar bands. Also Hey Hello and Frank Turner.

Bulk- The Wildhearts , Delta Bombers and Frank Turner.

If you could choose one song each to link into this article, what would it be?

Dave- Girl All The Bad Guys Want by Bowling For Soup.

Bulk- Wildhearts- Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes.

What are your social handles?




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