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Who is Krieg? #GBWOTW

Who is Krieg?

Kreig is 6 ft 2 and 210 pounds of German muscle. Billed from Darmstadt, Germany he initially emerged on the wrestling scene as sour as his mother lands delicacy. He became affiliated with David Deville, being his silent enforcer and taking down anyone who got in the way of Devilles goals and ambitions. This all changed when at the EBW event Tramlines 2018 he won the 65 Man Rumble for the second consecutive year (2017 & 2018). This earnt him the briefcase for the second year in a row giving him a title opportunity at any championship of his choosing. This same night he successfully cashed in both briefcases. The first one for the EBW Tag Team Championships alongside Rex Dangerous. The second one on his associate David Deville after one slap too far, making him the current EBW Champion. Since then he seems to have gained popularity with the fans and sweetened up his persona making him a champion that his home land can be proud of.

Looking at Kreig you would rightly think he is a monstrous power house, however for a big guy he is surprisingly nimble on his feet and can ascend to the top rope with ease. This is probably down to Krieg being a duel athlete, prior to commencing his wrestling career he competed in Decathlon events.

This video has been created by HMGW using a range of photos sent by Krieg.

We got in touch with Krieg (through a German translator) to ask him a few questions about his career, wrestling in general and his taste in music and gaming.


Interview with Krieg

Firstly what inspired you both to become professional wrestlers?

Before I met Mr Deville, Wrestling was just something that I had enjoyed watching back home in Darmstadt. I had never considered it as my career. Who knows where I would have been now.

What promotions have you wrestled for and what accolades have you received?

Over my career so far I have appeared for many promotions. LDN Wrestling, TNT Explosive Wrestling, SSW, Hope Wrestling, Hope Futr, but most notably my now home, EBW Elite British Wrestling. My accolades so far 2017 match of the year. This I am proud of because it was a battle with Kris Ace, he fought well and I respect him a lot. I am the only man to win back to back rumbles. 2017 was 45 man rumble, 2018 was 65 man rumble. Both time claiming the money in the bank case.

I used these to obtain both the tag team championships with Rex Dangerous but also the Heavyweight title.

Who are some of the wrestlers you most enjoy watching?

Who do I like to watch? I have always liked the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

Brett Hart, Ultimate Warrior &The Road Warriors. I am also a big fan of Grado and Jack Jester.

Apart from yourself what other wrestlers should people look out for on the British scene?

From what I have seen being around and about I would say watch out for James Bacon, Hayden Scallen and Adam Bolt who are all making waves at EBW and beyond. The British scene in general is very good and very strong. I would also keep a close watch on Thomas and Mark Billington, and finally a guy I like, Kaine Taylor. These guys are being trained by Marty Jones over at Squared Circle.

How would you describe yourself as a wrestler?

I do what I need to secure the win, I admit to bending a few rules along my way and maybe chokeslammed a ref or two, but I would describe myself as a strong object that can and will surprise you. Now I follow the rules better, not perfect just better.

What are some of your signature in ring moves?

Now you're talking. You can't beat a good Chokeslam. I quite enjoy a good splash or leg drop. My signature moves in the ring are more often impactful, they will leave their mark. I like to keep things evolving when I wrestle. I will always have things I will do but I really believe in having a tool for every job.

How long have you been wrestling and where did you start?

I've been wrestling for 3 years now and I started at EBW Tramlines vs Solid John Green. This didn't go my way as I was beaten with a sneaky roll up. I wasn't happy about this at all. This was my 1st match but I had been at ringside for Mr Deville for many months before this.

What are 5 of your all time favourite matches?

My five all time favourite matches, to watch they have to be;

Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a cell. Yes that one. What a gruelling match. Mankind showed what a true warrior he is.

Wrestlemania XX main event, Chris Benoit HBK and Triple H.

Randy Savage vs Ricky the dragon steamboat Wrestlemania 3.

HBK vs The Undertaker. Anytime they met from the cage match of bad blood 1997 to the Wrestlemania clashes.

I'd also choose Eddie vs Kurt Angle from Wrestlemania XX. The imagination of Eddie to know Kurt would go for the ankle lock. He used all his intelligence and cunning to find a way to defeat him. I like this because we all know Eddie could bend the rules with the best. He was also one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Did he break the rules here, you could say he was deceptive but no one says you have to wear boots. Superfly Jimmy snuka and umaga didn't.

Makes me smile how he won this match.

I know that there is more than five but how can I possible choose just five?

Up till now what are some of your favourite matches of your career?

Well that would be the revenge match with Mr Deville.

Wrestling in a match with El Ligero was fun and I've been able to share the ring with some very talented people. One of my favourite matches was against the Muscle Cat Saxon Huxley.

Can you share with us a match that you are in on YouTube and tell us about it?

I have chosen a fatal four way against Jay Graves, Nat Daniels and El Ligero. I quite clearly was dominating the match. The strength and power was clearly evident, but alas the result went Ligeros way.

What upcoming events can we find you on?

· Friday October the 26th, EBW Presents Halloween Is For Heroes 2018 A Fundraiser for Bobby Rogers at Woodseats WMC. More information can be found by clicking here.

I face a man who was at one time a tag team partner of mine. The hangman Harry Pierpoint. He has been suggesting that he has what it takes to claim my heavyweight title. I have never back away from a challenge and I will not start now. This show is in aid of someone I admire so much. A young man by the name of Bobby Rogers. He's really unwell but throughout his illness he has never stopped smiling or given up. Some people are physically strong but his spirit is so strong it's more than 10 Kriegs.

Here is a video of this shows current line up of matches, images taken from EBW and music from One Chapter Down -Frankenstein's Monster.

· Friday November 2nd, EBW Presents November Pain 2018 at Montgomery Hall, Wath upon Dearne . More Information of the event available by clicking here.

· Saturday November 10th, Wrestling, Holmfirth. I travel a little up north to Holmfirth. Event info can be found by clicking here.

Then finally back to;

· EBW Presents Winter Wars 2018, Saturday December 1st at Sheffield Works Sports and Social Club. Click here for more information.

All EBW tickets can be purchased from Ringside World.

After that I will return home until the new year.

If someone reading this does not go to local British independent shows or has never seen wrestling before, can you tell them why they should go?

Do these people really exist, of course they do. I would tell them that British Professional wrestling can offer something for everyone. The excitement and suspense is like a good film. You can cheer and boo until your throat hurts. Unless it's at me, boo me now and your throat will hurt, I joke, if that is what you want so be it. You can see all kinds of incredible athletes. The spectacular high flying guys and girls. The big power house to the technical wizard who'll tie you up in knots. Great times. Please if you haven't been to a show, then do so. It may change your life forever.

Prior to wrestling you competed in a Decathlon. Can you tell us more about it and did this help you transfer into wrestling?

The Decathlon is held as the athlete of athletes event, well 10 events over 2 days of competition. The events are, in no particular order:


110m Hurdles





Shot putt

Pole vault

High jump

Long jump

Each time and distance is calculated into points and whoever has the most points wins. You can see the potential for a wrestling cross over especially with explosive strength, power, speed and agility needed for these events, but also endurance and determination to keep pushing when your body screams for you to just stop. Also there are many techniques to master and many, many hours of dedicated training.


HMGW is the Hub of Music, Gaming and Wrestling and we also covers music and computer games.

What music do you like?

Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf, I also like some classical music. Usually something that gets the heart beating. Carl Orff - O fortuna

If we add a music video to this article what would it be and why did you chose it?

A music video. Well I'm torn I have two for you.

The first is a little obvious, it's one of my workout tunes. Drowning pool let the bodies hit the floor.

My other choice is something that means a lot to me and is such a powerful song. Evanescence - My Immortal.

What are your top 5 games of all time.

Monopoly, Battleships, Chess, now if you're talking computer games then I really enjoyed Rocky on the original Xbox. Always a fan of MotoGP games.

What are your social handles?

Thank you for your time Krieg


We are HMGW, if you enjoyed the article please follow us on the following social platforms


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