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One Promotion, Two Shows, One Review EBW- Elite British Wrestling

We attended a whole weekend of wrestling shows hosted by EBW (Elite British Wrestling) and we have decided to write this review to share what happened with you.

Their first show was at Montgomery Hall in Wath upon Derne on Friday the 31.08 18. The second one was a fundraising event for Beighton Magpies FC held at Beighton Welfare Recreation Ground on the 01.09.18.

Throughout the review, underlined names/ words, will take you to a webpage. All wrestlers are linked to their Twitter Page.


Friday: EBW Presents Brawl At The Hall 2018

A Friday night at our favourite EBW venue. It has a fully stocked bar and plenty of mixed seating either at ring level or tiered, giving a theatre experience. It is always held on a Friday night and just over an hour’s drive for us. We would highly recommend attending a show here.

Here is an overview of this events matches;

Match 1- A Fatal 4 Way

Dirtbag Dave Stewart Vs James Bacon Vs Tommy Idol Vs John Green w/ Bob The Earl Schoire

John Green came out last with his manager The Earl who got straight on the microphone much to the crowds dismay, his chatter even made James Bacon have a snooze in the corner. Once he shut up Tommy Idol suggested to Dirtbag Dave Stewart and Bacon that they should all team up against Green. But this didn’t happen and Green promptly started the match by punching Idol. Bacon and Dirtbag then began to team together and it all seemed great until Bacon turned on him and went for the pin. Idol attempted sneaky pins throughout the match and The Earl meddled in the match whenever the refs back was turned. It was a good opening match.

Match 2

The Monsters (Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs) Vs The Express (Elliot Lucan & Jack Raydon)

The Monsters out powered the smaller Express throughout and used every underhanded tactic in the book. The less experienced but certainly a lot more agile Elliot and Jack used their speed and a range of great tags throughout.

Match 3- EBW Women's Championship

Ivy came out with a bat in her month, with her fellow Monster member Alan Kay by her side. This was the first time we had seen Eliza and we were impressed. The women put on a great match that spilt all over the venue. Ivy is the Queen of the Monsters for a reason, she uses a mix of mind games and an aggressive attacking approach every time she laces up her boots and tonight was no exception. Eliza was quick and delivered more than one brutally placed back stab to Ivy. She was not intimated by Alan's presence and under handed involvement throughout the match. The whole building let out a massive cheer when Eliza had enough of Alan’s interfering and released a kick to his meat and two veg.

Match 4- Triple threat for the EBW Catch Championship

Radu Bulat (c) Vs Aidan Sparx Vs Alan Kay w/ Ivy.

All three men displayed an abundance of agility throughout the match. Alan Kay was still tender around the sprouts and carrot from his interference in Ivy and Eliza match, but managed to shake this off and put on a great match. As expected Ivy got involved to give Alan the upper hand but one Monster wasn’t enough and Sam ‘Killer’ Kelly came out from the back to stick his beak in to.

Match 5- Tag Match

Hayden arrived to the ring first with a bucket in hand followed by Rex. The crowd was slightly confused until they turned it around and Mikey’s face was on it, they then demanded that the fans donated to the ‘Get Mikey’s Ugly Face out of Wrestling’ fund. This received lots of boos. Mikey and Bolt rushed to the ring when Hayden and Rex were not looking and delivered a few blows. Once the bell rang Hayden and Rex tried to isolate both Mikey and Bolt all match, however Mikey’s strength and Bolts speed made this difficult.

Match 6

Joey D Vs Jay Graves w/Tommy Idol

This was a battle of Speed Vs Power. Joey possesses a great striking ability, both his kicks and running knees would knock any opponent out. Jay is strong yet very agile for a taller man, he also had his tag partner Tommy Idol in his corner to back him up.

Main Event – The Main Event and EBW Heavyweight Title Match

The former associates went to war over the championship and left everything in the ring. Surprisingly the crowd got behind the big yet agile choke slamming German. Deville may be deviant but when it comes to wrestling he gives just as good as he gets, countering at every opportunity and attempting to make the big German run out of gas.

All in all a fun night of wrestling at a stunning venue with fun storylines and suitable for all the family.


Saturday: EBW - Special Fundraiser Event

On the Saturday EBW held a charity event in aid of Beighton Magpies Football Club. It consisted of six matches and then a Royal Rumble to finish the night off. Andy Hogg was the host and ring announcer of the evening, he was certainly dressed for the occasion in a comic strip inspired dapper suit. This is an overview of the matches and our highlights.

Match 1

‘The Monster’ Alan Kay Vs ‘The Real Deal’ Kriss Ace

Alan was up to his usual deviant tricks throughout the match. He trapped Ace in the ring apron then returned to the ring to admire his handiwork, but he was outsmarted by Ace as he crawled under the ring and then emerged to attack Alan from behind.

Match 2

Adam Bolt Vs Axl Ray

Adam Bolt used his fast pace to his advantage however Axl Ray's superior strength made for an enjoyable match to watch.

Match 3

‘The Monsters’ Sam Kenny and Jason Jacobs Vs ‘The Express’ Elliot Lucan, Jack Raydon and Lexi Olivia.

The Monsters truly showed their superior strength in this one but numbers do add up.

Match 4

Both men were as equally talented and fast paced.

Match 5

After the interval it was a match between England Vs Germany

Dirtbag Dave Stewart Vs EBW Heavy Weight Champion Krieg for the Title

The German Krieg was out first, demanding everyone stood quietly to respect the German National Anthem. However England represented by Dirtbag had a different idea and abruptly interrupted it with the great English football anthem ‘Vindaloo’. On entrance he encouraged the fans and face wrestlers to dance around the ring. Krieg's face was a picture.

Main Event- Royal Rumble

The show ended with a Royal Rumble with all wrestlers who had previously appeared plus a few extra entering the ring. They all put on valiant efforts apart from Alan Kay. Alan tried to outsmart his opponents, by sitting out before entering near the end, only to be ejected straight away! Each wrestler got into the ring and fought to eliminate each other until the last one standing was the winner.


Overall we had a fantastic weekend of wrestling full of laughter and fun. We are looking forward to their next show.

Keep up-to-date with EBW by visiting their Facebook and Twitter.

The next show EBW Presents FallOut 2018 will be TOMORROW the 08/09/18 at Sheffield Works Sports and Social Club. This is not just one but two shows;

A Matinee Show -Doors Open At 2.45pm Show Starts At 3.00pm

Evening Show - Doors Open At 6.00pm Show Starts At 6.30pm

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here

Or does this inspire you to become a wrestler? If its yes then check out EBW's training school NCWA (National Community Wrestling Alliance) for more information visit their Twitter page by clicking here or Facebook page by clicking here.


Don't want the spoilers then CLICK HERE to go back to the top of the article


EBW Presents Brawl At The Hall 2018

Match 1; John Green retained his AIWF UK Championship after his manager Earl caused interference enabling Green get the pin. Green proved that he was evil-minded when he continued to beat Dirtbag after the bell had rang. Surely Dirtbag won’t stand for that, will he be back for revenge?

Match 2: They may have seemed as the underdogs but The Express defeated The Monsters. Who will they be up against next?

Match 3; Ivy retained her Championship after a controversial finish. The ref gave the 123 count but he didn’t see that Ivy had her feet on the ropes.

Match 4: Aidan Sparx picked up the win and became the new EBW Catch Champion.

Match 5: Mikey and Hayden had spilt outside the ring leaving Rex and Bolt in the ring. Rex picked up the win after performing an electric chair drop on Bold and picking up the victory.

Match 6: Joey got Jay in a single leg Boston move and won by submission. Tommy Idol stood on the side of the ring shouting at Joey but Joey delivered a high kick to his face sent him flying.

Main Event: The conclusion of the main event match saw Krieg retain his Heavy Weight Championship after executing a choke slam on Deville and then winning by pinfall.

EBW - Special Fundraiser Event

Match 1: The Real Deal’ Kriss Ace beat Alan Kay with a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam.

Match 2: Adam Bolt defeated Axl Ray with a 450 Splash.

Match 3: ‘The Express’ with Lexi Olivia used strength in numbers to cover Jason Jacobs and pick up the win as Sam Kenny looked on in horror.

Match 4: James Bacon beat Hayden Scallan by submission with a LeBel Lock.

Match 5: Krieg retained his EBW Heavy Weight Champion Title by defeating Dirtbag with a choke slam.

Main Event- Royal Rumble: Dave Dirtbag ended up one on one against Krieg once again. This time Dirtbag managed to channel his anger to haul Krieg over the top rope and become the Rise Rumble Winner. The children all got up and circled Krieg to mock him by using their hands to create the loser sign on their heads.


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