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June 24, 2018

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HMGW Reviews; A New Era for True Grit Wrestling

September 22, 2019

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Spring Time Wrestling - Article (1st Instalment January -March )

April 16, 2018

We have decided to publish a quarterly HMGW Newsletter to cover our Wrestling News. It will be an overview of shows we have attended within these months.

They will be published at the end of the third month as followed;

Spring Edition - January to March

Summer Edition - April to June

Autumn Edition - July to September

Winter Edition - October to December

Our Spring Newsletter, the first instalment - January to March 2018



The year kicked off straight away with a wrestling show from 'Britain's Maddest Wrestling Promotion;

Friday 5th January, Rise; Underground Pro Wrestling

at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. This is an over 18's show and its definitely for a reason, the clue is in the name. Todays show was the RISE Rumble with an main event of a 30 man over the top rope RISE Rumble. We knew this was going to be a crazy event as it was the first sell out show for RISE, what a way to start the year! The first half of the show included three fantastic matches. These were  David Graves vs Liam Slater. This was a match to conclude a rivalry between two friends that became bitter enemies, with the winner getting entry into the Rise Rumble and loser leaving Rise for good. Muscle Cat Saxon Huxley Vs Luke Menzies was another conclusion to a rivalry and definitely made the ring shake, got to love big lads wrestling!  The women's match between Little Miss Roxxy Vs Voodo Queen spilled into the packed out venue . There was also an excellent promo about Uncle Bobby b eing in a food coma, which the Darwin family rudely interrupted. The second half was the Rumble, it was certainly entertaining throughout with a mix of some comedy,  excellent heal action, technique, stamina and shock and horror.  Our highlights from throughout the rumble were, Bulk being coaxed out of the ring with KFC,  the debut of Sebb Strife, David Graves wrestling for well over 80 minutes (as well as  his previous match), Nina  Samuals the only female contestant lasting well and taking and giving as much action as the men, Boris Koslov, Ugandan Warrior and Sebb Strife doing the shield bomb, Cayden being eliminated but being crowd surfaced back in and not to mention the absolutely chaotic ending between Big Joe and Darwin.


Rise not only put on an insane show they also release entertaining promo videos to set the scene and intensify the outcome of the upcoming matches. These can be found on the lead up to each event on their Facebook Page (Click Here). 


Here is a video of the 30 Man over the top rope RISE Rumble, watching this will definitely prove to you why it is England's Maddest Wrestling Show!


This video is for 18+ viewing only as there are scenes which may disturb.



Saturday 20th January - True Grit Wrestling Fibbers York 

This show was all about the True Grit Championship, with four matches to decide who would progress into the main event and 4 Way Elimination Match for The True Grit Championship. It kicked off with the popular 'Mad Russian' Boris Koslov Vs. the psychotic B.A Rose. The match was a great opener to a great evening of wrestling. Then it was the home town 'Pork from York' Dom Black Vs 'The Powerhouse' Luke Menzies. Dom certainly wasn't sure about how he was going to defeat Menzies and spoke about possibly cheating on our HMGW Show when we interviewed him live. This interview can be found by clicking here. However he didn't cheat and even though at points it seemed like Dom was just a rag doll he certainly put on a valiant effort and did York proud. Just before a break we were  treated to an extra tag team match between The Lion Kings Vs 'The Amazing' Matt Myers and Ace Matthews. This match started with a comedy sketch as Ace appeared with a cocky entrance and a headset,  making a fool of himself, as his tag team partner Matt tried to just get on with the match. However once it got underway the Lion Kings displayed their ferocious wrestling style causing Ace and Matt to get serious. Next was Saxon Huxley 'The Muscle Cat' Vs Sean Only, this  was a highly anticipated match between two top quality wrestlers. The last of the four matches was between 'The Grafter' David Graves Vs El Ligero. This match was epic and the stand out match of the evening. Both men displayed every ounce of their talent and complimented each others skill and abilities throughout the match.  The match kept the spectators hooked with some stand out moves such as El Ligero jumping of the barrier onto David when the action spilled out of the ring. The conclusions of all of the matches meant that the qualifying match for the True Grit Championship was  a fatal 4 way elimination match between David Graves Vs Luke Menzies Vs B.A Rose Vs Saxon Huxley. This match spilt all over the venue and outside with each one of the wrestlers putting their all into trying to win the championship.


This is a video of the match between 'The Grafter' David Graves Vs. El Ligero


 For more information on True Grit Wrestling Click Here



Saturday 27th January- Grapple Wrestling, Miners Hall Garforth. A great family friendly show. This show was called Live Wrestling Returns to Garforth. Unfortunately we cant remember the actual running order. We are going to start with a four way tag team match which was The Lion Kings Vs George Anderson & Brett Shaw Vs Travis Harwood & Joe Wade Vs Kieran Sargeant & Simon Bullock. The Lion Kings really did show why they are one of Britain's hottest tag teams at the moment. They demonstrated exactly how a tag team should gel together. However their opponents were no push overs and what they lacked in experience they made up for in speed and agility. They are definitel